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Presented the results of the research project "Collaboration robotics and advanced automation"

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A collaboration between the Camozzi Group and the Politecnico of Milan presented in Milan.

Researchers from the Camozzi Research Centre and the Politecnico di Milano (MeRLIn Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory) presented the first results of the research project born from the framework agreement for scientific collaboration between the Camozzi Group and the Politecnico di Milano signed in 2019 and started in 2020.

Milan, October 18, 2022 – The Camozzi Group and the Politecnico di Milano - MeRLIn collaborated on a research project, which was presented today at the Camozzi Research Centre in via Rubattino, 81.


The GOAL of the project is to create a production line with human and robotic operators, whose actions are coordinated by an intelligent scheduler linked to the company's MES.

Process analysis and organisation of necessary operations, scheduling of human operator and robot activities, automation of robot-assembly operations, and automation of quality control operations were carried out using vision sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms.

The RESULT is the development of a highly flexible line based on Camozzi's latest generation components, such as the pneumatic smart gripper (developed with IIT). The line will be able to self-reconfigure, adapting autonomously to highly variable, discontinuous production requirements with wildly varying volumes.


The agreement was signed in 2019 by Lodovico Camozzi, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Camozzi Group, and Professor Ferruccio Resta, Dean of the Polytechnic University of Milan.

Under the agreement, both organisations combine resources and skills to develop common research and training initiatives. The aim is to seize opportunities created by industrial digitalisation and collaborative robotics to develop smart solutions and innovative production processes.

Students and researchers from the university operate from the Camozzi Research Centre in Milan, a new state-of-the-art facility with 3000sqm of industrial space and 3600sqm of offices and laboratories created within former Innse Milano – a Camozzi Group company. They will develop common study and research programmes and also seek to broaden the scientific horizons around these fields.