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Unleashing Innovation and Achieving Success at the 'Technology in Action Lab'

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Students from Cattolica University of Milan showcase exceptional innovation through collaborative projects with the Camozzi Group

Milan, June 19, 2023 - The culmination of the "Technology in Action Lab" projects from the Master's program in Innovation and Technology Management at the Catholic University of Milan marks the conclusion of a successful journey.

The Camozzi Group welcomed four groups of 8-10 students into its plants, fostering collaborative efforts to to create and develop innovative projects of industrial relevance.


Camozzi Automation "Revolutionizing Industries through AI, Sustainability, and Aerospace Innovation”
Three main themes: AI for industrial transformation, sustainable production, and Camozzi's technological growth in industrial automation.

“An Outlook on Fonderie Mora Gavardo”
In-depth analysis of Fonderie Mora Gavardo, from raw material analysis, to supply chain management, to cost analysis for the evolution towards Foundry 4.0.

Marzoli Machines Textile "Recycling plants based on textile waste materials"
Survey on textile waste recycling systems, analysing technologies, machinery, raw materials, production volume and variety of products manufactured.

Marzoli Machines Textile “Sorting machines and plants”
Market research on machine and plant manufacturers, analysing technologies, machine features, customisation options and the range of available productions.