How The Right Technology Can Make Your Machine Extra Efficient

March 23rd, 2022 - 3:00 pm CEST / 9:00 am NY
Spoken language: ENGLISH

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Get the most out of pneumatic, proportional or electric technologies in Industrial Automation

Join our Webinar March 23rd, 3 pm CEST - 9 am NY | Discover our multi-technological approach

Simone Cappa

Product Manager Electric Actuation
Camozzi Automation

Simone Cappa is an experienced designer for electric actuation. Before taking the role of Product Manager, he worked in the Service Department with the goal of analysing the customers' application requirements and sizing the electric actuation system.

Event description

Today's market has shifted from mass production to mass customisation and is increasingly oriented towards a "green" approach. Technologies have also evolved towards flexible, connected and efficient solutions to ensure customisation and waste reduction. Knowing the technologies, understanding where they are applied, and seeing actual examples makes it possible to pick the best solution to optimise the production layout.

The assumption is that there is no actuation technology better than the others. Each application has different requirements that can be best-met thanks to a specific technology: pneumatic, proportional or electrical. A multi-technological approach, which integrates multiple technologies according to customer needs, allows us to guarantee an optimised and competitive solution. It is possible to combine the reliability of pneumatic valves and actuators, the accurate control of proportional valves and regulators with speed and precision in positioning electromechanical axes and cylinders.

Moreover, the opportunity to use the increasingly extensive range of smart, advanced and connected components guarantees real cyber-physical systems for the digitisation of production processes, improving efficiency and flexibility, and ensuring the development of highly customised products with the lowest environmental impact.