Reduce Time-to-market with Smart Flexible Technologies

July 7th, 2021 - 3:00 pm CEST / 9:00 am NY
Spoken language: English

Open Frame Controller - The Smart Regulator for I4.0 Applications

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Hansgeorg Kolvenbach

Head of Camozzi Automation Application Center

Graduated from the University of Aachen in Electronic Engineering he has over 25 years of experience in the Industrial Automation sector in different companies. Since 2016 he has been Head of Application Center of Camozzi Automation based in Germany

Event description

With the introduction of Industry 4.0 and Digitalisation, the word “Smart Manufacturing” has become an important key to stay competitive. And more importantly, when used in combination with more traditional smart technologies, the advantages become even more evident. Work “smarter” is becoming a must in the manufacturing process in order to reduce the time to market and the TCO.

An example of a smart component suitable to the digitization demanding market is the Camozzi Open Frame Proportional Controller.

Closed-loop pressure, flow, or position controls can be realized to cover a huge variety of applications. The Open Frame Controller can be easily configured to meet specific application needs, to provide the most efficient turnkey solutions, thus reducing assembly times and system complexity.