Webinar "Additive for Infrastructure"

Wed, 10 Feb. 12.15 p.m. Central 

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If you miss it or look forward to watching it again, please, find the video here below on Ingersoll YouTube Channel 

Event description

Ingersoll Large Format 3D Printing: a use case for rapid disaster recovery On August 14, 2018 the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, Italy collapsed. Just 18 months later the replacement Genoa-Saint George Viaduct was inaugurated using cutting edge modeling, construction, and inspection technology to prevent another failure.

With a short lead for critical components, Ingersoll Machine Tool’s MasterPrint was called upon to meet the accelerated timeline for the bridge’s 20m long automated inspection system.

The composite layup molds were printed, milled, and used for final component fabrication in a matter of weeks. Join us Feb 10th to discuss the manufacturing of the world’s largest polymer 3D printed components and see how Ingersoll Additive and Subtractive Solutions solve real world challenges.

Join Ingersoll’s Kris Czaja at IMTS Demo Days and find out how MasterPrint™ played a pivotal role in re-building St. George Overpass in Genoa, Italy, and Grist Mill Bridge in Hampden, Maine.


Kris Czaja - Composite and Additive Applications Manager