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Camozzi excellence on track with Sauber Technologies

Camozzi excellence on track with Sauber Technologies

United by excellence: Sponsorship agreement includes unique knowledge and talent exchange.

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Camozzi’s sporting partnership with Alfa Romeo F1® Team complements its partnership with Sauber Technologies, the Sauber Group’s entity dedicated to translating the company’s motorsport know-how into the wider world. It is both a technological and a sporting association based on both group’s commitment to delivering excellence through cooperation and shared synergies.


Areas of collaboration will include the development of new materials, additive manufacturing, design, mechatronic systems and process modelling. With regard to additive manufacturing, it's important to note that Sauber Technologies operates the largest 3D printing machine park in Switzerland, while Camozzi Group manufactures MasterPrint® – the largest 3D carbon and composite printer in the world.


This partnership agreement also includes a talent and knowledge exchange program, through the creation of a joint development lab involving the Camozzi Research Center (CRC) in Milan and the Sauber Technologies headquarters in Hinwil, Switzerland. Technician traineeships for engineers from both companies are expected to facilitate open dialogues on the areas of collaboration. United in training. United by excellence.

“The Camozzi Group is a natural fit for us: they have a long history of excellence in Formula One and they understand our requirements and need for precision and excellence. In addition, there are many potential crossovers between their work and that of Sauber Technologies, a company within the Sauber Group. These synergies are what the joint projects we are going to carry out with the Camozzi Group will be about, as well as promoting a new generation of talented engineers and researchers.”

Frédéric Vasseur, Team Principal of Alfa Romeo F1® Team