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Ingersoll Machine Tools launches 2 products at Jec Composite Connect

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One JEC, two new Composite Products from Ingersoll Machine Tools 

Ingersoll’s dedication to their technology roadmap allowed the team to prelaunch their new Hawk™ AFP Module to Firefly Aerospace, Inc. (Firefly) - Austin.

Giorgio Assandri, Chief Innovation Officer Ingersoll Machine Tools, comments:

We are aligned with Firefly in their efforts to deliver economical and convenient access to space via their “simplest/soonest” approach to technology.

Using existing company intellect, proven designs, and software, the team at Ingersoll was able to drive out risk and provide a solution that will outperform all previous AFP solutions relative to lbs./hr. The Hawk complements the existing Mongoose AFP head which is an ideal solution for the space industry. In every application, Ingersoll can virtually simulate the application and process which makes selecting the approach per customer the most productive possible. All Ingersoll AFP solutions are available in a horizontal, vertical, or robotic configurations. 

MasterPrint® Linear comes to the market as the most flexible solution for large-scale, high-volume additive manufacturing. 

Ingersoll takes the proven modules from the MasterPrint® Robotic and the MasterPrint® Hybrid and scales the delivery structure. The product extends Ingersoll’s ability to print on any angle and like all their platforms, it is customizable or expandable.

Matthias Fleischer, Director of Sales Camozzi Machine Tools Europe, comments: 

Our ability to offer a configurable product, on a lighter foundation, in a smaller footprint, speaks to the requests of our customers and the market.” Fleischer continues: “This product has the ability to add a milling module or print module.”  “Ingersoll optimized the structure to be a print first solution, without sacrificing the performance of the product.

Ingersoll launches this new product proudly with Siemens Sinumerik One which is capable of providing the industry with the most powerful and proven digital twin and compliments the Camozzi Group advancing Digital Division.

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Ingersoll Machine Tools launches 2 products at Jec Composite Connect
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