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New Fluid and Dental Multichannel Manifold Series DB

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Designed to be flexible

Camozzi is pleased to introduce the new Fluid and Dental Multichannel Manifold Series DB.

The Series DB is a modular and compact solution, optimising pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical connections — reducing installation times on machines operating in the industrial and life sciences sectors.

The concept behind the manifold gives multiple modules maximum configuration versatility, combining miniature solenoid on-off valves and proportional control valves.

Each single manifold can support several configurations and can easily be tailored to suit the operating requirements of varied applications.

For example in the dental field, with the proper configuration, it is possible to optimise the connections of the air and water tubing used for the operation with turbines, micromotors, scalers and syringes.

For example, the manifold, due to its material specification, allows dispensing equipment to manage different gases (like carbon dioxide or nitrogen used for carbonation and preservation) and liquids, an advantage in the food and beverage sector.