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NEW Parallel grippers self-centering SERIES CGPL

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Exceptional performance, adaptability, and compactness for efficient and precise assembly

Camozzi Automation is thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our Handling range - the parallel grippers self-centering SERIES CGPL, the ideal solution for assembling components of various sizes with precision and speed.


What makes Series CGPL stand out?

High-speed, high-precision assembly is a growing need for modern processes, demanding cutting-edge technological solutions.

Our grippers Series CGPL seamlessly address this need, making them ideal for applications such as pick&place, inserting, and transferring, owing to their exceptional opening and closing speed and unwavering jaws positioning repeatability.

Assembly & Robotics

Technical features:

Our grippers Series CGPL are high-performance robotic grippers that can guarantee precision and robustness even when subjected to high accelerations.

They are characterized by:

  • Compact design and dimensions: further reduced height, with a flat construction capable of withstanding high loads and accelerations.
  • Flexibility: wide choice of strokes, which allows managing components of variable sizes with the utmost precision.
  • Ball bearing guides: guarantee greater efficiency in terms of force, even in restricted space and favor very high opening and closing speeds, helping to reduce cycle times.

Ready to Explore the Possibilities?

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Discover how our parallel grippers Series CGPL can make your applications more flexible, precise, and performant.