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NEW Pneumatic Mini Slides SERIES MSN & SERIES MST

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Redefining Precision and Efficiency: Series MSN and Series MST deliver the ultimate solution

Camozzi Automation is thrilled to introduce two innovative additions to our Pneumatic Actuation range - the pneumatic mini slides Series MSN and Series MST.


SERIES MSN: Speed and Precision in One

Camozzi pneumatic mini slides Series MSN

Seeking Speed and Precision in Your Applications?

For quick and accurate movements, particularly in pick & place and inserting applications common in assembly and secondary packaging, look no further than the pneumatic mini slides Series MSN. They come in four sizes and feature a combination of a pneumatic cylinder and a precision ball bearing guide, making them perfect for high-frequency movement requirements. They're designed for efficiency, featuring an internal magnet for seamless integration of proximity switches. Compact and lightweight, the Series MSN is an ideal choice for tight spaces and industrial applications that demand maximum load movement flexibility.

SERIES MST: Precision and Strength Unleashed

Camozzi pneumatic mini slides Series MST

Looking for uncompromised strength and precise positioning in your applications?

The pneumatic mini slides Series MST have got you covered. These slides incorporate a pneumatic cylinder with a double piston and a precision roller guide, ensuring exceptional accuracy while minimizing positioning errors. This enhancement not only boosts system efficiency but also expands your adaptability. With various sizes and stroke options, it's easy to fine-tune Series MST for your needs. Plus, the internal magnet feature allows seamless integration of proximity switches for precise position monitoring.

Ready to Explore the Possibilities?

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Discover the precision, strength, and flexibility that our Series MST and Series MSN pneumatic mini slides bring to your applications.