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Restoration of the Vittoria Alata (Winged Victory) of Brescia

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15 giugno 2019

The Camozzi Group has contributed to the Art Bonus project to restore the Vittoria Alata statue, one of the symbols of the city.

The project, which aims to promote the artistic heritage of the area in which the Camozzi Group has built its success story, was immediately supported by the Group.

The conservation of the statue, recommended by the Fondazione Brescia Musei (Brescia Museums Foundation) and the Municipality of Brescia, began in July 2018 with the transfer of the imposing bronze statue to the Opificio delle Pietre Dure (Workshop of semi-precious stones) in Florence.

The goddess carved in bronze in Roman times is inspired by a Hellenistic model from the 3rd century BC. The Vittoria Alata is one of the symbols of the Museum of Santa Giulia of Brescia, the ancient Brixia, most probably given to the city in 69 AD by the emperor Vespasian after the battle of Betriacum.

In addition to investigating the origins of the work, an interdisciplinary team of experts is strengthening the internal structure, reinforcing the wings and arms and removing encrustations and sediments. In February 2020, at the end of the work, the great archaeological bronze will no longer be in Santa Giulia, but in its place of origin, in the right-side cell of the Capitolium, on a special anti-seismic base.

Lodovico Camozzi, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Camozzi Group, commented:

"We are very proud to have taken part in the restoration of the Vittoria Alata and we are always ready to give back to the territory what we have received, to leave a legacy for future generations."

The Camozzi Group supports the mission of the Fondazione Brescia Musei and its ambitious challenge of making the splendid jewels of the Brescia area accessible to everyone, which is important to invest in to promote a culture based on knowledge and respect for the community's resources.

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