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Camozzi news

"L' Economia" of the newspaper "Corriere della Sera" interviews Lodovico Camozzi

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The cover of the economy supplement of Monday, August 2nd of the main Italian newspaper is dedicated to the president and CEO of the Camozzi Group.

"We focus on the industrial area of Milan, with robots and research activities in the facility of the former Innocenti and Lambretta": The cover of the supplement "Economia" by "Corriere della Sera" dedicates its Monday, August 2 issue to Lodovico Camozzi, President and CEO of the Camozzi Group.

The interview traces a profile of the excellences and strategies of the Group: from the investment in Milan to the partnership with the Politecnico University of Milan and the Italian Institute of Technology, from the 3D printer to Industry 4.0 and the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

"It is the story of the metropolis suburbs' redemption, which attract industry with a mix of robotics and digital technology," Lodovico Camozzi says. "We do the same strengthening the partnership between universities and production, with a tremendous significance of restarting after the pandemic".

"The business will be relaunched thanks to young people and technology. The continuous empowerment of our talents will be the focus of our development", the president says. And at the end, he leaves a message of positivity: "The desire to change is at the heart of many family-run businesses. My father Attilio was a worker, like his brothers Geromino and Luigino, and wanted to be an entrepreneur and innovator. We never stop following their teachings."