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Ingersoll Machine Tools announces new President and CEO

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Jeff Ahrstrom, new President and Chief Executive Officer of Ingersoll Machine Tools, Chip Storie has been appointed as the Camozzi Machine Tools Division Executive.

Rockford, IL February 25, 2022

Camozzi Machine Tools (CMT), consisting of Ingersoll Machine Tools, Inc. (Rockford, IL), and Innse-Berardi S.p.A. (Brescia, Italy) announced today that Chip Storie, Chief Executive Officer of Ingersoll Machine Tools, has taken on a new role within the division, and has appointed a new CEO to lead Ingersoll. These moves are focused on bringing the power of Ingersoll and Innse-Berardi into further strategic alignment to allow the two companies to better serve their global Customers.

Chip Storie, who has been Ingersoll CEO since 2018, has been appointed as the Camozzi Machine Tools Executive. Chip will focus on the strategic growth of the division. Chip has extensive experience in overseeing multi-national operations and will use this to integrate the strategic plan of the division worldwide.

Jeff Ahrstrom, who has been Ingersoll’s Chief Operating Officer, has accepted the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of Ingersoll Machine Tools. Jeff’s experience within the machine tool industry, and his time as CEO of previous manufacturing companies, positions him to step into this role and make an immediate impact. Ingersoll Machine Tools’ board will consist of Lodovico Camozzi, Chip Storie, Jeff Ahrstrom and Daniele Pecchini.

In their new roles, Chip Storie and Jeff Ahrstrom will work together to achieve the strategic vision of the Camozzi Machine Tools Division and Ingersoll Machine Tools, Inc.

Both Ingersoll and Innse-Berardi design and manufacture advanced machine tools technology solutions. Their employees excel at providing innovative engineered processes for complex manufacturing needs, creating value for our global customers. This value comes in the form of the supply of large metal cutting machinery, composites automation, 3D printing, contract manufacturing, digital innovation, and associated services.