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American Space Manufacturing in the Midwest: Ingersoll Machine Tools Team Receives Recognition for Artemis & Orion Work

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Rockford (IL), 19 July 2023. Advanced manufacturing for deep space exploration is occurring at Ingersoll Machine Tools’ manufacturing, assembly and testing center in Rockford, Illinois. Ingersoll Machine Tools is hosting an event with Lockheed Martin to celebrate the successful Artemis-1 launch and continuation of America’s return to the moon and beyond. 

Lockheed Martin will recognize several Ingersoll employees directly involved in the production of structural components for the Orion capsule that will transport astronauts into deep space.  Ingersoll has been a manufacturing supplier partner for several years and is active in the large, complex manufacturing space.  

The event will start at 9.00 a.m. on 19 July when Ingersoll’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jeffrey Ahrstrom will be joined by representatives from Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop, NASA, guests, and representatives from across the full spectrum of American manufacturing for presentation of the award and a guided tour of the facilities.

The company is active within the Space, Aerospace, Defense, and other industrial segments.  

The Rockford, Illinois based Ingersoll Machine Tools builds and sells very large, complex 3D additive, Carbon Fiber, and Subtractive machine tools to similar industries.  Ingersoll is nearing completion of a program that provides the United States Army the worlds largest hybrid 3D metal printing & Milling.  This massive machine provides the volumetric printing and milling capability to manufacture a tank hull in situ.

The group also sells large vertical and horizontal machines from the Camozzi Groups INNSE-BERARDI based in Brescia, Italy.

During the event it will be possible to see the most advanced manufacturing technologies, such as the MasterPrint® Robotic Thermoplastic Hybrid Additive printing cell; very large milling machines, and the Mongoose™ and Hawk™ Hybrid™ Multitasking Composite system configured for the Space Industry – all designed, built and supported in Rockford, Illinois. As such this event showcases the strength of American manufacturing and its ability to develop ever-greater capabilities for our shared future in and outside the bounds of Earth.

High tech machines on display will include:

  • Massive ingot scalping machines equipped with 110” cutters designed to produce massive aluminum ingots.
  • A multi-tasking machine based on a 5 Axis MasterMill™ fitted with multiple spindles and integrated with a MasterPrint™ additive machine.
  • A High Rail MasterMill™ transfer pallet system with integrated cooling and quality monitoring for heavy land vehicles. 
  • MES 4, the largest and most productive 5-Axis MasterMill™ ever built.
  • A technology development cell showcasing many Ingersoll core competencies, such as milling, automated fiber placement, large-scale 3D polymer printing, and quality inspection.
  • The new PowerMax version of the H18 horizontal profiler, with new levels of ability to machine complex parts quickly. New Product Alert!

Ingersoll cooperates closely with the sister company Camozzi Digital to develop state-of-the-art IIoT, Industry 4.0, big data and cloud computing solutions to improve the performance and lower operating costs of its machine tools. Two platforms are available: IBNET, which allows the user to collect and store all production data, machine operating conditions, status and operating parameters and IBRM, which draws data from processors and sensors installed in critical parts of the machine to monitor key parameters, working conditions and the status of the Automation System to identify machine errors in real time and to promptly inform the user.