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Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics and Mandelli Sistemi: “Made in Italy” digital innovation

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Exploiting digital and IoT solutions are at the heart of a “Made in Italy” cutting-edge collaboration which has as its protagonists Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics, created to support the digitisation of manufacturing companies, and Mandelli Sistemi.

The evolution of the industrial world has led Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics to developing solutions to connect machinery, storage and logistics systems, plants and buildings to the Cloud platform, transforming them into a Cyber-Physical System (CPS).

The innovation and the consequent digital integration of production processes, combined with the skills of a team of engineers and Data Scientists, enables the creation of dedicated algorithms and feedback systems to optimise production processes, energy consumption and spare parts warehouse management and increase the Up time of machinery and plants.

Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics's methodological approach enables the transformation of data, collected through sensors integrated in the machines, into added value for the customer in terms of operating cost and setup time savings and, above all, greater production efficiency.

Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics and Mandelli Sistemi were at a point where they had developed a common interest in digital innovation in industry and shared the same starting point, which was the reason that drove them to the digitisation project from 2016 that today is almost at its end.

Mandelli Sistemi, a Piacenza-based company founded in 1932 by Renato Mandelli, anticipated market needs through the development of the iPum@suite4.0 package, identifying 5 guidelines based on the smart factory concept. One of these is predictive maintenance, called iPredict, aimed at anticipating critical events affecting the machines and guaranteeing an efficient and punctual service to customers.

"Today, even more so with the Coronavirus emergency disruption, we are experiencing a phase in which companies want to produce always and only what is necessary, simplifying processes and avoiding warehousing. Even more so than 'dry' machine performance, what is important for the customer is that production is safe, that the flow is continuous and never stops", says Mr Marco Colombi, Mandelli Sistemi Sales Manager.


The increase in production efficiency required by customers is a key element in the machine tool industry.

"Machine tools, in particular those that Mandelli manufactures, are extremely complicated and automated and therefore there could actually be many points of possible inefficiency," says Massimo Riga, Sales Representative at Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics. "By applying the methodological approach developed by Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics, and through the implementation of sophisticated algorithms created thanks to the lengthy experience gained in the industrial field, it is possible to make the machine produced by Mandelli more efficient, placing it in a lean manufacturing context and in a production flow that is always 'tight', allowing the customer to increase its profitability", explains Cristian Locatelli, Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics General Manager. "Today, predictive maintenance, which we call iPredict, is requested by all customers: the Cloud world is a reality", adds Saverio Gellini, Mandelli CEO.


"Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics is a partner that has proven itself ready to apply the Internet of Things to our machines. Thanks to the knowledge of the controls we use, together with field experience, the installation and testing of applications has been fast and the distribution to the end customers is proving to be robust. The acquired data is being channelled to the Cloud with consolidated and secure web computing technologies that deal with the transmission of large amounts of data. Especially in relation to the topic of Cyber Security", explains Maurizio Corvi, software application designer and in charge of Mandelli's iPum@suite4.0 project. "One of the most important upsides of the partnership with Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics was precisely this: we perceived the real knowledge of the mechanisms applied to the world of industry. We spoke the same language, unlike other companies we came into contact with beforehand, who were good with statistics and mathematics but had no knowledge of manufacturing dynamics", adds Colombi.

In conclusion, this partnership has seen the union of Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics and Mandelli Sistemi, two Italian companies that have accomplished a total “Made in Italy” innovation project.

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