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EUROPEAN ROBOTICS FORUM (ERF): Camozzi Group and IIT's Ponte San Giorgio robots take the podium

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The Camozzi Group and the Italian Institute of Technology's Robotic System for Monitoring and Maintenance of the new San Giorgio bridge in Genoa was awarded second place at the European Robotics Forum 2022 in Rotterdam.

The awards event for the winners of the "European Robotics Technology Transfer Award 2022", the most prestigious European technology and technology transfer award, took place in Rotterdam on Thursday, June 29, 2022, at the European Robotics Forum ERF.

The robotic system was designed by the Italian Institute of Technology of Genoa, in collaboration with SDA EngineeringUbisive, and the Polytechnic University of Marche, and realised thanks to the synergy with Innse-BerardiIngersoll Machine Tools and Camozzi Advanced Manufacturing, companies of the Camozzi Group.

Luca Molinari, Chief Operations Officer of Innse-Berardi, and Ferdinando Cannella, Coordinator of Industrial Robotics Facility of the Italian Institute of Technology, attended the event and collected the certificate.


Built in 2020, the system uses cameras and sensors to assess the condition of the infrastructure and, by reprocessing the data using algorithms, allows for intervention with any preventive maintenance actions. It is based on the installation of 4 robots on the sides of the bridge: 2 in charge of inspecting the lower surface of the deck and processing the data to find any anomalies (Robot-Inspection), and the other 2 in charge of cleaning the wind barriers and solar panels (Robot-Wash).

This Robotic Inspection system is the first automatic system in the world. It provides a replicable model at a global level designed to enhance the safety of this type of infrastructure and of any civil works that may require automatic monitoring.


The euRobotics Technology Transfer Award, now in its 18th year, is widely regarded as one of the most important events of the European Robotics Forum.

The process of turning scientific discoveries from research facilities into innovative products, processes, and services for the commercial sector is referred to as successful technology transfer.

The prize may be given to remarkable examples of technology transfer in robotics and automation that result from the partnership between research and industry. A certificate of distinction is presented to the three most noteworthy examples of technology transfer.