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Ingersoll Machine Tools: Grand Opening Ceremony

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Grand Opening, Rockford, IL, 21st July 2022

Ingersoll Machine Tools announces the “Grand Opening” of the new 40,000-square-foot manufacturing, assembly, and extended testing facility. The company completed construction of new buildings and North Americas, newest, largest, and most advanced 5 axis MasterMill™ machine. This new asset is primarily tasked with complex machining for the United States Navy, and manufacturing large components for the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMTO). This event is about the growth of American manufacturing, private-public partnerships growing our economy, job creation, skills advancement, and developing the next generation of manufacturing leadership.

Customers will have an opportunity to experience live Ingersoll’s advanced manufacturing processes such as MasterPrint® Robotic,  Ingersoll robotic version of its XL thermoplastic 3D-printer, MasterPrint® Metal, the world’s largest metal 3D-printer,  Mongoose Hybrid™, Ingersoll’s multi-process composite manufacturing platform for space, aerospace and defense and the foundations setup for the world’s largest optical telescope soon to be assembled in our new building. All designed, built, and supported in Rockford, Illinois!

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Ingersoll Machine Tools: Grand Opening Ceremony
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