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International Research Center for Robot and Additive Manufacturing 4.0

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Camozzi Automation is the leader of an advanced automation project that has won the “Open Innovation” call of the Lombardy Region.

The Call

The call, created according to POR FESR 2014-2020, therefore with the help of resources from the European Union, the Italian State and the Lombardy Region - aims at strategic projects of research, development and innovation that are able to enhance the ecosystems of Lombardy, facilitating the relationships between companies and academia, the transfer of technology as well as the use of new technologies.

Out of 78 applications submitted by pools of high-profile organisations, 33 projects have been admitted to regional funding, amounting to a total of 114,5 million €.

The IRCRAM4.0 project

The project proposed by Camozzi Automation will develop innovative solutions in the field of additive manufacturing and heavy robotics for the processing of advanced materials for large-sized pieces.

The initiative involves in particular those production sectors that are characterised by low  standardised production, with a strong component of manual work, such as aeronautics, boating and aerospace, renewable energy, construction, large industrial plants, large infrastructures ...

The development of advanced automation in these sectors will allow:

  • to improve the level of safety, leaving the most dangerous and tiring tasks to robots and systems interconnected in the network and remotely programmable
  • operators to dedicate themselves to more rewarding and creative activities such as supervising, planning, collecting and analysing data.

As a further improvement of the working conditions, the project also includes the reduction of noise in machine tools thanks to the introduction of innovative vibration damping solutions like the ANC (Active Noise Control) and AVC (Active Vibration Control) techniques.

Economic value of the project:             6.439.588,36 €

Economic value of financing:               2.626.200,78 €

Elements of innovation

  • New approach to AM-based design that changes the way of making components
  • Deposit of carbon fiber or of composite material components without interruption, neither for large dimensions
  • Application of design methods applied to humanoid robots, research prototypes, automation or industrial robotics
  • Use of new and highly technological materials for AM such as carbon, graphene, metal and polymeric materials to ensure high mechanical strength, rigidity, lightness and environmental compatibility
  • New Robotic Systems for the handling of AM products (pneumatic and proportional gripping system equipped with sensors and valves for proportional control and real time data analysis for a perfect adaptation of force and position).
  • New systems to control the dimensions and mechanical properties of AM products (IIT).

Effects on the territory

The geographical focus area of the project, that also intends to have an international scope, is made up of the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Milan and Varese. In this area we find companies interested in producing in limited series, in a flexible supply chain and in using new materials for precision by which certain products are characterised.

The project will allow to acquire important knowledge and skills on their industrial use by guaranteeing support to a significant business target that stands for the system in Lombardy, increasing the opportunities for cooperation between companies and the research system.


  • IIT Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italian Technology Institute)
  • Kilometro Rosso innovation district
  • D&G Impianti elettrici di Digiglio A. e Ghidini L. Snc