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MECSPE 2021: Camozzi Automation is among the finalists for the “Robotics Innovation” award in the “Horizon” category with the smart gripper

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The award celebrations will take place in Bologna Fiere on November 24, in the Arena of the Service Center at MECSPE

Camozzi Automation is one of the four finalists in the “Horizon” category for the “Robotics Innovation” award with a pneumatic “intelligent” gripper for collaborative robots. The award celebration will be held on November 24 during MECSPE, the reference fair for the manufacturing industry, in the Arena of the Service Center at Bologna Fiere. Fabio Bottarelli, Product Manager & Business Development Manager Handling & Robotics, will attend the event and present the prototype.


This research project is carried out together with the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, and it aims to develop a series of products and technologies for the Camozzi grippers of the future.

The gripper is equipped with an integrated sensor system capable of collecting information about the grasped component and the surrounding environment, processing it and implementing appropriate reactions based on the situation.

The integration of electronics on the pneumatic gripper allows for local processing of the signals from the sensors without aggravating the overall infrastructure, and the current concept provides for different configurations of the processing part on the gripper. The integrated electronics allow predictive maintenance checks to be carried out and the gripper to be reconfigured quickly, eliminating setups or format changes.

The goal is to interface the gripper to the cobots on the market in the simplest way - a "plug & play" solution - using the most common communication protocols. This solution would increase process productivity and waste reduction, improve operator and plant safety, and grant greater flexibility and reusability.


The "Robotics Innovation" award is organized by Automazione Integrata magazine with Gellify - an innovation platform. It is dedicated to companies, startups, universities, research centres, laboratory spinoffs, system integrators and end-users.

The prizes awarded to the participants are divided into 5 specific categories: Technology-driven InnovationBusiness model InnovationAlliance model InnovationHorizonAgrofood.

Camozzi Automation applied in the Horizon category, reserved for prototypes and experimental solutions, new devices or new technologies with high potential for future applications or new robotics sectors.

The evaluation of the applications is handled by the Scientific Technical Committee (CTS - Comitato Tecnico Scientifico) appointed by Automazione Integrata magazine.