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SAVE THE DATE: Camozzi Automation at Analytica 2024

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Come visit us!  9-12 April 2024 | Munich | HALL B1 - BOOTH 531 Camozzi Automation: the easiest approach to precise biotechnologies


In the fast-evolving world of Life Science, precision, reliability, and efficiency are crucial. Camozzi Automation offers the life science sector a wide range of components and customised solutions for fluid control – both liquids and gases – that provide high performance efficiency and reliability.

Our solutions include technologies and devices used to diagnose, monitor, evaluate and treat patients with a wide variety of symptoms and conditions. The demands of life science applications can be extremely broad and have very different requirements.

For example, with analytical or diagnostic devices, it is essential to offer extreme precision and maximum accuracy of controlled flows. For this reason, Camozzi components are designed from the outset to meet industry requirements for fluid compatibility, energy efficiency, miniaturisation, and safety standards in order to safeguard patients’health.

Smarter components for smarter analytical systems:

  • Control components: Media Separated Valves and Proportional Technology for precise fluid handling.
  • Fully integrated systems: Combining hardware and electronics to create intelligent solutions.
  • Predictive maintenance technology to minimise downtime for smooth operation.
  • Customised solutions to improve your time to market, efficiency, and reliability of your machines.

360° Customer Support: From Pre-Sales to Post-Sales

Camozzi Automation is committed to exceptional customer service. We offer:

  • Pre-sales assessment: We listen carefully and guide you through the decision-making process.
  • Technical expertise: Our engineers provide ongoing assistance, training, and support throughout the entire process.
  • Scalable expertise: Backed by a strong industrial group with a focus on innovation and digital solutions

Join us at Analytica 2024, the premier event for industry professionals, researchers, and decision-makers in the life science sector. Visit our booth to explore our latest innovations and discuss how Camozzi Automation can help you achieve your goals.

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