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VOTE NOW For the Giant Magellan Telescope - Illinois “Makers Madness” Contest Now Open

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Voting begins in the second annual Illinois Manufacturers’ Association’s 2021 “Makers Madness” contest to name "The Coolest Thing Made in Illinois". Submit your vote for the Giant Magellan Telescope: its structure has been created by the Camozzi Group company Ingersoll Machine Tools.


enlightenedMarch 9 – March 14: Second round of voting to determine TOP 4

The GMT has made it through to the top 8 head-to-head matchups that run through March 14.

It's now possible to vote ONCE A DAY until SUNDAY MARCH 14th to advance to the Top 4!





January 27 – February 14: Nominations accepted at

February 17 – February 28: Voting on nominations to determine Top 16

March 2 – March 7: First round of voting to determine Top 8

March 9 – March 14: Second round of voting to determine Top 4

March 16 – March 21: Final round of voting

March 24: Winner of The Coolest Thing Made in Illinois Announced


Ingersoll Machine Tools has produced the huge 1,300-ton precision steel optical support structure of the first new-generation giant Magellan telescope by GMTO Corporation. It allows frictionless movement made possible thanks to the Camozzi Group’s highly advanced, globally recognized hydrostatic technology.

The new telescope will have a resolving power ten times greater than today’s leading global telescopes. It is the result of the collaboration of 12 of the world’s leading universities and scientific institutes and it is planned to become operational in 2029 following its construction in the Chilean desert.

It will significantly advance our knowledge and understanding of the universe through the study of planets beyond the solar system in the search for signs of life and the study of black holes and dark energy.


Voting throughout the contest will take place at, where voters can now choose which products should advance to the Top 16. Voting for this round will take place through 11:59 p.m. on February 28, and voters can vote up to five times per day.

Consecutive rounds of voting will take place each following week, culminating with an awards ceremony on March 24 when The Coolest Thing Made in Illinois will be named.

“The wide variety of products nominated from across Illinois is a testament to the creativity, ingenuity and innovation of our state’s manufacturing sector. The men and women working on factory floors drive our economy, and they deserve our recognition and gratitude every day. This contest is about celebrating their achievements,” said Mark Denzler, president and CEO of the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association.