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Rosenberg Space Habitat - Illinois “Makers Madness” Contest Now Open

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The Rosenberg Space Habitat, 3D-Printed by the Camozzi Group company Ingersoll Machine Tools, is among the candidates in the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association’s 2023 “Makers Madness” contest to name "The Coolest Thing Made in Illinois".



March 21 – March 26:

Final round of voting!

It's now possible to vote ONCE A DAY until SUNDAY MARCH 26th to WIN! 

You must select "The Rosenberg Moon Habitat" and click on "Cast Your Votes!"


February 2 – February 19: Nominations accepted at

February 21 – March 5: Voting on nominations to determine the Top 16

March 7 – March 12: First round of voting to determine Top 8

March 14 – March 19: Second round of voting to determine Top 4

March 21 – March 26: Final round of voting

March 29: The winner of "The Coolest Thing Made in Illinois" Announced


The Rosenberg Space Habitat is a three-story habitat built to house a crew of two.

It is a project by students at the Institut auf dem Rosenberg in St. Gallen, Switzerland, created with the participation of SAGA Space Architects in Copenhagen, and printed by Ingersoll Machine Tools' MasterPrint® 3D printer.

It is the world's tallest single-piece 3D printed polymer structure, with a height of 23 feet, but a thickness of only 5 millimeters.

The shell of the ROSENBERG MOON HABITAT is made by 6 panels like this one.

Thanks to Ingersoll’s MasterPrint®, which is able to 3D print and mill extra-large composite parts in a single piece, engineers were able to experiment with a new design that traditional technologies could not execute. Each of the six 23-foot-high panels took 14 hours to print.

The moon habitat was designed, constructed, and installed all in 9 months!


Nearly 250 unique products from every corner of the State of Illinois were nominated for this year’s contest, with nominees ranging from agriculture equipment and COVID testing supplies to iconic pantry staples, sweet treats and a variety of vehicles. 

Voting throughout the contest will take place at, where voters can now choose which products should advance to the Top 16. Voting for this round will take place through 11:59 p.m. on March 5, and voters can vote up to five times per day.

Consecutive rounds of voting will take place each following week, culminating with an awards ceremony on March 29 when The Coolest Thing Made in Illinois will be named.