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Camozzi Automation Technological Partnership with UniBo Motorsport

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On June 21st the 2022 Unveiling of the new prototypes

As a technological partner, Camozzi Automation was present at the UniBo Motorsport prototypes 2022 Unveiling.

The team, consisting of more than 200 students from various faculties, unveiled the new vehicles that will compete in the championships in July, August, and September:

During the evening, the University of Bologna Argonauts Team (UniBoAT) had the opportunity to showcase their emission-free boat, Futura 2022.


Camozzi Automation is glad to be a part of this creative academic initiative with its expertise and solutions:

  • Stainless Steel Fittings INOX 316L: suitable for industrial applications demanding secure solutions that resist high operating temperatures, this range is also highly resistant to corrosion and contamination. Our stainless steel fittings are the ideal solution for the Elettra GN battery cooling system.

  • ISO 6432 Cylinders with Auto-Cushioning Series 23: thanks to a patented system, these cylinders automatically adjust the cushioning to provide optimal deceleration under every condition. During the entire cushioning phase, the cylinder enjoys smooth, jolt-free movement, reducing vibrations and noise while guaranteeing higher reliability and consistent performance over time. These cylinders allow the shift of the gearbox of the Integrale's endothermic engine.

  • Direct-acting Proportional Valves Series AP: manufactured to optimise and reduce friction and stick-slip effects, the output flow is proportional to the control signal. As they can also work in vacuum, minimum working pressure is not required. These valves allow control of the gearbox of the Integrale's endothermic engine.


Camozzi has a long and successful track record within the world of Formula One, thanks to its expertise in a wide range of sectors.

In 2022 the Camozzi Group returned as an official sponsor of the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN through a technological and sporting partnership with Sauber Technologies, the Sauber Group’s entity dedicated to translating the company’s motorsport know-how into the wider world.