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Camozzi Group supports Maurizio Antonini's Mission (Im)Possible

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From Piazza Della Loggia (Brescia) to Cape North, Europe's most northerly point, on a handbike

On a handbike for over 4,000 kilometres over the course of forty days, only with the strength of his arms.

Camozzi Group gladly supports Maurizio Antonini, 56, founder partner of Active Sport, in his impossible mission, which will be possible through his character and strength of will. Disability has confined him to a wheelchair, but it has not diminished his ambitions and goals, such as embarking on such a voyage. He'd had other shorter adventures in past years, but the North Cape had always been his ambition, and now he'll be able to realise it.

'Difficulties exist for everyone,' he says, 'but we must learn to see past them. Some dreams cannot be realised, while others exist only in our minds. We must not accept our circumstance as a restriction, but rather look at what we can still achieve even when in a wheelchair.'

The trip has started on Thursday 23 June 2022 at 9 a.m. in the presence of authorities, friends and supporters


It will be possible to follow Maurizio Antonini's entire journey on Instagram and Facebook (Mission Possibile Handbike). Constant updates will be available.


For over 10 years, we have enthusiastically supported the projects of ActiveSport and its dedication to people who have suffered a disabling physical trauma, because we share their mission: to allow more and more people with disabilities to practice a recreational or competitive sport for free by promoting social inclusion and an active lifestyle.

ActiveSport, founded and managed by people with motor disabilities, is today a point of contact nationwide for Paralympic sports such as wheelchair tennis, hand bike, swimming, badminton and sailing. Activities are open to everyone: men, women, children, who have the opportunity to undertake a recreational or competitive path.

We are main sponsors of the international wheelchair tennis tournament “Camozzi Open - Memorial Cav. Attilio Camozzi”, which hosts athletes from all over the world.