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La Traviata for Tanzania

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On 7 June in Palazzolo a representation of Giuseppe Verdi's opera to finance the expansion of a hospital in Tanzania.

The operatic event, in the charming courtyard of Palazzo Zamara, was sponsored by Camozzi Automation and the Lanfranchi company.

Under the musical direction of Giuseppe Orizio and directed by Massimo Venturelli, the evening featured the Bolognese soprano Scilla Cristiano, the tenor from Palazzolo sull'Oglio Alessandro Viola, the baritone from Bergamo Marzio Giossi and the Colli Morenici orchestra.

Proceeds from the charity event (free admission, but donation recommended) was given to the Amici di Padre Riccardo association to finance the Itololo hospital, on the mission in Tanzania where the missionary Riccardo Caffi has been operating for about twenty years.

In 2011 the association committed itself to the project and built the Paediatric Department with the help of the Palazzolo Italian Alpine troopers group. The structure now serves 47 villages with 116,000 inhabitants.

In 2017, a collaboration with Pale Plus of Arezzo allowed them to send a gynaecologist and a pulmonologist to Tanzania to train health personnel. The objectives for the next two years are the development of the analysis laboratory and the implementation of the dialysis department.