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Interview Ingersoll Machine Tools: Giant Magellan Telescope

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“Eyewitness News” interviewed Chip Storie – CEO of Ingersoll Machine Tools Inc - who expresses enthusiasm and satisfaction in taking part in the realization of the GMT, the revolutionary telescope to study the deep space. 

Ingersoll Machine Tools has been selected among the most important groups at international level to make the precision steel structure that supports and maintains the GMT in position.

Chip Storie, interviewed in the video, recalls the importance of the experience gained in constructing the rotator for the most powerful solar telescope in the world, the Daniel K. Inouye (DKIST) installed in Hawaii.

The Camozzi Group company is producing and assembling the 1,300 tons precision steel mechanism that will support and keep in place the seven largest mirrors in the world that will follow the movement of celestial bodies.

The telescope will be placed at Las Campanas Observatory in the Atacama Desert, in Chile and will allow to overcome the current frontiers of astronomy.  

The structure will be delivered by the end of 2025 in Chile and should be ready to house the mirrors in 2027.

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