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Launch of world cotton day – Geneva, 7th October 2019

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Marzoli Textile Engineering (a Camozzi Group company), attended the “Panel on key innovation themes for a sustainable, competitive and efficient cotton-textile industry”, organized by UNIDO during the launch of the World Cotton Day.

Important players of the sector, like Marzoli, took part at the event as they have a significant role in the development of innovative technologies for the sustainability of the cotton-textile industry: Hugo Boss, Filmar Group, International Cotton Research Association – ICRA – ICAC, and Circle Economy.

The discussion developed around three strategic pillars of textile innovation:

  • Smart and high-performance materials
  • Advanced digital manufacturing, value chains and business models
  • Recycling, upcycling and resource efficiency in fashion textile

Marzoli, in particular, emphasized the importance of advanced digital manufacturing, IIOT enabling platforms, as well as the important impact of training and education, combined with the implementation of new manufacturing technologies and processes for an increased efficiency. Marzoli presented an exclusive overview of AI and the impact of advanced analytics on cotton production and the textile industry.