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PowerMax® and MasterPrint®: Camozzi Advanced Manufacturing's heroes

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Innse-Berardi presented 2 technological innovations at “Camozzi Advanced Manufacturing” center of excellence in Milan

Innse-Berardi presented two of its latest technological innovations at “Camozzi Advanced Manufacturing” center of excellence in Milan of the Camozzi Group.

  • PowerMax® is a horizontal, simultaneous 6-axis, large working volume, subtractive manufacturing center for Aluminum and Titanium parts.
  • Masterprint®5X is the largest 3D industrial printer in the world for additive manufacturing of complex geometry, durable, XXL, thermoplastic parts.

However, the Camozzi Advanced Manufacturing center (CAM), is much more than just this explains Stefano Lodolo, Sales Director of Innse Berardi and General Manager of Camozzi Manufacturing. Besides being a true Research Center and Academy for the Camozzi Group, CAM in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Milan and the Italian Institute of Technology, makes it possible to train talented individuals in different technologies, while offering an added value service.

«We are machine producers who are fully capable to demonstrate the applied technology to our customers in order to familiarize and be well trained, but also to make use of a service in a transitional period, that starts when the order is placed up to the actual start of production. Thus, this capability makes our technology available for their production needs, reducing the learning curve  while optimizing return on investment. This makes Camozzi Group a key reference in the additive and large machine tools sector, providing an exclusive value proposition».

Innse Berardi’s technology is universal and can be applied to different sectors, «from aeronautics and aerospace to energy, from defense to transportation, but from an Additive Manufacturing point of view, it also involves model assembly and material moulding for different applications». The lack of raw materials, combined with increases in energy prices makes it difficult for markets to recover, but there are however certain sectors with growth expectations. «In fact, I believe that thanks to the PNRR (Italy’s Recovery and Resilience Plan) and Transition 4.0 in Italy there will be several key investments in technological renewal in multiple sectors: from steel to energy to transportation, reducing the environmental impact and continuing the digital transformation».

Source: Tecnologie Meccaniche Issue nr. 01 (January 2022)


PowerMax® and MasterPrint®: Camozzi Advanced Manufacturing's heroes
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