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Meet Camozzi Automation Product Managers

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Components and Solutions for your Industry

Camozzi Automation's multi-technological approach makes it possible to offer an optimal solution for every application by choosing from the best pneumatic, electric and proportional technologies available.

It's a process that requires the right expertise to address both the characteristics of technologies and products and the functional requirements of your application.

Our Product Managers' mission is to assist our sales network thoroughly and offer suitable and unique solutions to meet our customers' needs.

Don't miss your chance to hear them presenting our range of products. Learn how they can help you enhance your productivity and innovate your machine.


Camozzi Automation Valve Island with CoilVision® Technology | Series D:
Vito Doscioli, Camozzi Automation Product Manager Valves & FRL

The Handling Offer of Camozzi Automation:
Fabio Bottarelli, Camozzi Automation Product Manager Actuation & Handling

The Proportional Technology Offer of Camozzi Automation:
Juri Migliorati, Camozzi Automation Product Manager Proportional Technology & Sensors

The Electric Actuation Offer of Camozzi Automation:
Simone Cappa, Camozzi Automation Product Manager Electric Actuation

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